Political Party Split W/ Teenage Bigfoot

by The Barren Marys

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released December 6, 2016

The Barren Marys is:
John - Guitar/Vox
Christine - Bass/Vox
Corey - Drums/Vox

Tracks 1-2 by The Barren Marys

Recorded/Mixed/Engineered by: Brian Pugh at Converse Rubber Tracks Studios, Brooklyn NY
Mastered by: Marky Kobane at The Bunker

Booking – thebarrenmarys@gmail.com


Teenage Bigfoot is:
Tiffany - bass/vox
KB - guitar/vox
Jake - drums

Tracks 3-5 by Teenage Bigfoot.
"Gringos" and "Vagrant" mixed by Brian McClure of Phameless Records at Surreal Sound Studios.
Additional guitar, vocals, and banjo on "Inkstains" by Joe Gdowik; recorded
on Mildred Street.



all rights reserved


The Barren Marys Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Punk Rock from Philadelphia.

John: Guitar/Vox
Christine: Bass
Corey: Drums


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Track Name: Dumb
Pseudo-science Christian fiction,
they wanna talk but they never listen.
The rhetoric's irrelevant,
they're a bunch of bigots and hypocrites.

Blind faith is ignorance
if you can't admit a square peg doesn't fit.
They never act on their beliefs
when in fact their beliefs they really don't mean shit.

They wanna dumb it down but they wanna sound profound.
They get older and they get bitter
and blame it on the weakest litter.
They wanna dumb it down, but we say no!
Track Name: Nothings Gonna Change
Whatcha gonna do when they get in,
shaking hands and kissin' all their kin.
Your fear starts creeping in but
all you've got's another one to blame, So

Whatcha gonna do put your faith in a few
self-serving fear mongering fools.
Don't be a fucking tool. All in all, now
nothings gonna change say it WHOA!

Promises they don't last
they're all still living in the past
Their time don't go by fast so
all in all now nothings gonna change.
After all is said and done
can you tell me you're still having fun
Was it really all worth the time when
all in all now nothings gonna change say it WHOA!

No one asked to be born into this world ripped and torn.
No one asked to be this way
black white rich poor straight or gay.
Organized selfishness
that's what they call politics.
But I won't give up today
when they say nothing's gonna change
say Whoa!
Track Name: Teenage Bigfoot - Vagrant
Kerouac ain't got shit on me,
I've never even owned my own TV.
Quit my job, won't cut my hair.
Let the locals all assume
the vacant lot will lead the road to my bedroom.

I wanna be a vagrant,
sleep out under stars where no one will notice me.
I wanna be a vagrant,
sleep out on the sidewalk,
no sign that reads will work for food.

Roadside and earthbound,
you'll find me shuffling around.
I got the time, I got nothing to do.
Canned beans and port wine.
Just tell my mom I'm doing fine.
I'll tread the streets 'til I wear holes in these shoes.

I wanna be a grant,
sleep out in the park, let the kids trip over me.
I wanna be a vagrant,
sleep out on the sidewalk,
no sign that reads will work for food.

Don't wanna work for food.
Track Name: Teenage Bigfoot - Gringos
If you told me that this city was
too much for you to bear
I'd take a match to every skyscraper,
dance in the ash that filled the air.

Burn up the trees at Rittenhouse,
gas the lakes at FDR,
and with one last lighter flick,
we're heading south bound in a stolen car.

I know no place ever felt like home to us.
We're heading for the coast of South America.
I'll brush up on my Spanish,
you can work hard on your tan.
If we never make it there,
there'll always be another plan.

'Cause if you and I make it out of this alive,
I know we will get the rest that we've been
missing out on all our lives.
Put your hand in mind, time to leave it all behind.
Track Name: Teenage Bigfoot - Inkstains
I found you sleeping in the bathroom,
looked like you needed a swift kick.
The party stops when you say it's over.
The last can hit the floor, you hit the bricks.

Fought with your girlfriend in the backyard
while your past and present flames all flickered out.
You said you missed the way it was last summer,
but everybody knows what you're about.

Walls can be built as quickly as you can tear them down.
I'll build these walls 'til I won't be seeing you around.

Long Island Suburbs couldn't hold you,
the city life went to your head.
You say you're followed by a band of brothers
your best friends wouldn't miss you if you were dead.

When's the last time you looked in the mirror
to see past your tired eyes, your punk rock clothes?
'Cause we all know that you're afraid and all alone.
Instead of money in your mouth, it's up your nose.

Walls can be built as quickly as you can tear them down.
I'll build these walls 'til I won't be seeing you around.
I hope I don't see you around.
Won't give a shit if I see you around.